Box Roller Shades

Bandalux roller shades with box systems are made with highly resistant materials and components that guarantee their great durability. Moreover, their mechanisms and components ensure the perfect roll of the fabric, with a straight and firm drop.

The new Box range by Bandalux offers different box designs and sizes that fit perfectly into the architecture of the building and enable you to cover surfaces of up to 30m2. They guarantee excellent sun protection, both indoors and outdoors, providing privacy or darkness, according to the users’ needs.

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Bandalux Polyscreen® Smart Fabric

Bandalux Polyscreen® is an exclusive technical fabric with different degrees of opening and darkness, to maintain high degrees of privacy without giving up visibility to the outside. Exceptionally durable, Polyscreen® is made of heavy-duty polyester and covered with PVC (lead- and phthalate-free). A highly resistant thread that prevents tearing in the fabric. Acts as a thermal insulator. Enables energy savings of up to 50% in heating and air conditioning. Fire-retardant fabric.

Polyscreen Fabric

Durable and Energy Saving

Polyscreen® has a highly resistant thread that prevents tearing in the fabric. Acts as a thermal insulator.

Bandalux Polyscreen Fabrics

Robust Fabrics and Colours

Polyscreen® fabrics are available in wide range of colours and choice of panel widths to accent any commercial project.

Polyscreen Openess Factors

Polyscreen Fabrics and Densities

Control individual blind visibility and degree of privacy. We will help you choose the best “Openness Factor” for each room.


Elegance in harmony with contemporary architecture

The shade with the B-Box system is ideal for outdoor use, thanks to its high-quality stainless steel materials, which ensure great durability.

Aesthetically, this is a system with simple, refined lines that fits in perfectly with the contemporary architectural style of both the façades of buildings and their interiors. Allows for ceiling- or wall-mounted installation, with easy maintenance, thanks to the access to the interior of the box.


56 / 65/ 85/ 100/ 136 mm

Double shade for maximum visual comfort

Thanks to their double fabric, B-Box Duo shades guarantee maximum comfort at any time of the day. This makes them a functional and decorative solution for the rooms of hotels, hospitals and private homes, where the users can easily handle the shades according to their needs for privacy or total darkness.

The double shade consists of one blackout fabric with blackout channels and a decorative fabric that enhances the aesthetic and controls the entrance of natural light, depending on the chosen degree of opening.

The B-Box Duo is an easy to install box system with self-supporting channels and easy maintenance, thanks to the access to the interior of the box.


136 mm

Maximum wind resistance and total opacity

Z-Box roller shades are the most durable system for outdoor installation. Their side “zip” channels enable the user to tense the fabric perfectly and guarantee resistance to wind gusts of up to 90 km/h. A system that ensures 100% darkness, thanks to the zipper channel, when combined with blackout fabrics.

When installed outdoors and combined with the Polyscreen® fabric, this system can save up to 55% in air conditioning, while guaranteeing optimal visual and thermal comfort.


100 / 130 mm

Smart and durable design

The roller shades with the O-Box system feature a cylinder-shaped box and highly durable stainless steel components that can resist the harsh outdoor elements.

For the O-BOX system, Bandalux has developed ceiling- and wall-mount supports that make it possible to overcome differences in size and installation. These components ensure the ongoing feasibility of the installation, even on wall-shade façades or in tiered installations, where a single support allows for the installation of two shades.

Moreover, the multiple channel systems guarantee the optimal fastening of the fabric outdoors.


95 / 130 mm

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