Top quality fabrics and materials

Bandalux presents a wide range of fabrics, materials and printing techniques that adapt to the specifications of each architectural project.

Polyscreen fabrics

Polyscreen® fabric is made of high-resistance polyester with a layer of PVC, a very flexible and solid material. Thanks to the different degrees of opening and wide selection of transparencies, it offers customized solutions in terms of confort and energy savings. For example, different windows in the same building may require different degrees of opening depending on their orientation.

  • Durable and flexible: it does not wrap and has no wrinkles.
  • Highly resistant to tearing, long-lasting.
  • Manufactured in Europe and US, complies with all applicable international regulations.
  • Free of harmuful substances such as phthalates, which affect human health.
  • Recyclable, resource conservation and environmental respect.
Polyscreen Fabric Specs


Blackout fabrics

Blackout fabrics bring maximum darkness and privacy to the building for a maximum comfort. They ensure an optimal light management and effective thermal protection, as they avoid the light and heat transmission and block the UV rays.

  • Excellent protection fromt the heat.
  • Lower energy consumption of the building and contribution tot he attainment of energy credits for Passivhous programs.
  • Available for interior and exterior systems.
  • Excellent acoustic absortion.
    Ideal for conference and projection halls, hotel or hospital rooms that require maximum darkness and privacy.
    Free of lead and other harmful substances.
Blackout fabric specs


Eco-friendly fabrics

Bandalux eco-friendly fabrics are high-performance and sustainable solutions made from recycled materials.

  • Planet Ignis and Ecoplanet Ignis are made from 100% recycled PET polyester: it takes 6 bottles to manufacture 1 m2 of fabric. Besides, Renaissance Ignis is made of recycled materials and has an excellent acoustic absortion.
  • PVC-free, lead-free and halogen-free
  • Ideal for health care buildings and schools.
  • Minimized environmental impact, energy efficiency.
Eco-friendly fabric specs



Modern, lightweight and low maintenance, aluminum is a very high-quality material. Thanks to its excellent resistance to rust and extreme temperatures, it is especially recommendable for installation in wet and/or outdoor environments.

  • Several different finishes are available for the Venetian system: smooth, metallic, pearly and perforated.
  • Components of the Bandalux Box Roller Shade Range in extruded aluminum, for perfect rust resistance in outdoor applications.
  • Great durability: it never loses its properties. 100% recyclable material
Eco-friendly fabric specs


Reflective fabrics

Fabrics with RSC (Solar Reflective Coating) boast a mother-of-pearl or metallic surface treatment that significantly helps to enhance the heat and light protection performance of the indoor sun protection systems in a building.

  • Higly efficient shield against the heat for an improved temperature control and energy savings (fabrics with a Gtot interior factor of 0,27 with refraction of up to 77% of the heat).
  • Visual confort: they filter the sun’s rays and hence prevent reflections to the inside of the room.
  • Free of lead and other harmful substances.
bandalux reflective fabric specs


Decorative fabrics

Bandalux decorative fabrics collection is made with a rich diversity of colors, textures and finishes. These fabrics comply with all applicable regulations for buildings and contribute to energy savings and comfort.

  • Manufactured in keeeping with the latest trends in decoration, Bandalux collection presents a wide array of colors and motifs.
  • Different degrees of opening to ensure privacy and visibility.
  • Reduction of air conditioning and heating costs.
  • Free of lead and other harmful substances.
bandalux decorative fabric specs


Digital Printing

With our digital printing tecnology, images are directly printed onto the fabric by means of a large digital printer that ensures the best quality of impression and color.

More than 150 designs are available on our catalogue. Moreover, the shades can also be customized with a text, logo or image provided by the customer, as long as the image has a minimum resolution of 300 pixels and a JPG, TIFF or PDF format.


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