Bandalux Neolux Roller Blinds from Perfect Blinds

Neolux® Roller Blinds
Visability and Privacy in a Single Shade

Neolux® Day and Night Roller Blinds is two great looks in a single roller blind, incorporating two layers of translucent and opaque fabric, that can glide across the other, gently filtering and softening daylight. Neolux® features broad visability and total privacy.

Flexible Light Control

An amazingly stylish and simple way to control light and privacy at any time of the day or night. Bandalux Neolux Day and Night Roller blinds let you effortlessly slide two stylish fabrics past each other in an open, half open or completely closed position to create the perfect look for your window, your mood and your home.

Neolux Blinds Key Features:

  • Two functions in a single shade
  • 15 fabric collections in 70 different designs
  • Enjoy visibility or privacy, according to your mood
  • Adds real character to windows


Neolux Day and Night Roller blinds feature stylish ‘Vision’ fabric that gently filters and softens daylight whilst also offering you the option of a privacy blind.

Limitless Light Control. Front layer moves independently of the back allowing the stripes to glide between each other creating an open and closed effect, with limitless light control.

Full Privacy. Sliding the fabric into a closed position allows full privacy. Wide range of colours and  finishes available.

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Details that add an air of distinction

Choose between the elegance of a decorative box and the simplicity of the roller system. Choose among three types of bottom rails to combine with the fabric and model of your Neolux shade.

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Bandalux Neolux Headrail options

Headrail and Fabric Options

Neolux® blinds feature a number of headrail options and a vibrant fabric collection to complement any interior design scheme.

Neolux Bottom Rails

Stylish Bottom Rails

Choose among three types of bottom rails to combine with the fabric and model of your Neolux shade.

Window Blind Remote Control Option

Motorisation Option

With our motorised blinds and remote control you can create your preferred ambiance at the touch of a button.

Bandalux Polyscreen® Smart Fabric

Bandalux Polyscreen® is an exclusive technical fabric with different degrees of opening and darkness, to maintain high degrees of privacy without giving up visibility to the outside. Exceptionally durable, Polyscreen® is made of heavy-duty polyester and covered with PVC (lead- and phthalate-free). A highly resistant thread that prevents tearing in the fabric. Acts as a thermal insulator. Enables energy savings of up to 50% in heating and air conditioning. Fire-retardant fabric.

Polyscreen Fabric

Durable and Energy Saving

Polyscreen® has a highly resistant thread that prevents tearing in the fabric. Acts as a thermal insulator.

Bandalux Polyscreen Fabrics

Luxury Fabrics and Colours

Be inspired with beautiful fabrics, colours and choice of panel widths to create a unique look.

Polyscreen Openess Factors

Polyscreen Fabrics and Densities

Experience maximum visibility with a high degree of privacy. We will help you choose the best “Openness Factor” for each room.

Window inspiration with Perfect Blinds

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